"Casual, fun, chill af. Really impressed with this easy way to connect, which eventually becomes secondary with how rapidly you can make friends."
Aria Penkava

You can sip with us

“That’s the whole point of life, you know? To meet new people.”

- Sherman Alexie

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May 14
Three ways to get drunk in Tel-Aviv without stepping foot inside a bar

By Jennifer Greenberg @ TimeOut Israel Drunk Art History – Pop Goes the Andy Warhol…

May 06
Rooftop ‘Womance’: the tale of SipScene speed friending

By Jennifer Greenberg @ TimeOut Israel  It’s the end of another grueling work…

Feb 15
Behind the (Sip)Scene: Tel Aviv’s cool new alternative to pubs and bars

By Jennifer Greenberg @ TimeOut Israel  It’s Thursday afternoon. You’ve…

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