Behind the (Sip)Scene: Tel Aviv’s cool new alternative to pubs and bars

It’s Thursday afternoon. You’ve made it home from yet another crazy workweek just in time to melt into your couch and drift off into the best Netflix induced nap you’ve had in centuries (well, at least since last Thursday afternoon). However, do not mistake this nap for an early night in. Endless possibility awaits you on the other side.
Really? Can’t I just stay in?
“No,” your whatsapp pokes and prods you with invites to Sputnik, Kuli, Teder, Drama, and just about every bar sprinkled down Dizengoff.
I’d love to have a drink and I’m all about being social, but I’m really not down for the same old Tel Aviv party scene, rife with unfortunate single-liners from unfortunate single men, over-priced-under-liquored drinks, and music that is too loud to shout over. I just want to hear myself think.
Enter SipScene, the “social alternative to pubs and bars.” SipScene is the online marketplace inviting down to earth individuals from all walks of life to either host or attend intimate socials events with all the fixings. Think Great Gatsby Techno Purim parties, Women’s Wine Wednesdays, clothing swaps, and so much more.
So how do these events typically work?
Well, SipScene prides themselves on keeping the events to a manageable size (between 10-15 people), and even more manageable locations: usually held inside houses, apartments, hotels, or rooftops. Anyone can host, and anyone can – and should – attend.
So what’s up this month?
Wine Tasting: Enhance Your Senses
This event takes you on an exciting sensory journey through vineyards far and near without physically leaving the Lily & Bloom hotel. A unique wine tasting paired with an open invitation to savor not only the Merlots, Sauv Blancs, and Cabernets of the moment, but to also savor the beautiful hotel bar afterwards.
Feb 22, 19:00-22:00. Lily & Bloom hotel, 48 Lilienblum St, Tel Aviv. Grab your tantalizing tasting tickets HERE
Drink Wine Pop Up Clothes Swap

Usually, you come home from a drunken night out missing an article of clothing. In this case, you’re about to gain one, or two, or three…plus some new friends. Swap your winter wardrobe for some new spring outfits on a quaint Florentine rooftop. And don’t worry about that separation anxiety, SipScene’s got plenty of liquid confidence in the form of unlimited wine (and snacks!). Purim outfits are obviously welcome.
Great Gatsby’s Techno Twenties

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for flappers and philosophers. After months of planning, weeks of costume shopping, and a couple of days of precursory detox, Purim is upon us. SipScene is kicking it old school (like super old school) to the 1920’s for a prohibition-themed party like no other. DJ Yamaguchi will be spinning techno tunes, chasers will be free for anyone dressed in era relevant attire, and each ticket includes one free drink and 1+1 on ALL drinks until 21:30. “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”
Mar 1, 20:00-00:00. Lily & Bloom hotel, 48 Lilienblum St, Tel Aviv. Grab your tickets to time travel HERE.