Candlemaking & New Friends ($40)


*This event is for people looking to make friends in real life!
September 07th 2019, 6.30-8 pm, secret location sent to you the day before the event!
Austin TX 78704, 5 mins from Downtown


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About Your Host

Jamie Mann

My favorite hobbies are dancing, making candles, and meeting new people over coffee or wine =)

Sip your favorite beverage and dance to the music as an expert chandler guides you through the candlemaking process.

Be yourself!

Let your host take care of the rest!

Create Friendships!

Create relationships & community.

Have fun!

That is what it is all about, after all!

What is SipScene?

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SipScene is a fine tuned combination of fun, communication and activity. I feel that this is something that has been missing from the event scene in general. I want to try yoga/dancing/writing/painting/beer making, also meet new people, and also have fun now with SipScene I can!

Events are strictly by invitation & application only. We are committed to bringing like minded people together looking for the same thing.

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