Everyone has an event inside them

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Help people meet new people and build in person relationships.

Build Community

Create community around your interests for people just like you!

Market Yourself

Market your services/products throughout social events.

Make Money

Earn money doing things you love & share your passion.

Our mission is simple: 

We want to make it easy for anyone to host high quality, profitable events to bring people together in real life – empowering YOU to build the community you are looking for!

We get it, event planning can seem like a hassle.

We are changing this. Let us help you.

SipScene guests are always approved by the hosts, you can meet and host who you want to!.

Whether you have an event in mind or are just interested to learn more, click below!

Yael Palmøn

"SipScene make the entire event hosting process so easy! I never would have gotten my figure drawing workshops going on my own, but thanks to their logistical help I've now hosted 4 or 5 successful workshops--with many more to come :). Couldn't recommend more!"

Mick Levy

"I would recommend to everyone to be part of SipScene as a guest and also as a host. I met incredible open-minded people from around the world ! SipScene is simply awesome, Join the fun !"

Leigh Allison

"Wow! I've hosted 4 times regarding 2 separate, important issues and this company has been a breeze to work with. They gave me the support and technical push to start my dream of helping others on a larger scale!"

Lola Kreisman

"I recently hosted 2 Art workshops through Sipscene. I love their idea and goal to create communities around shared interests and help people meet each other. The support and enthusiasm of the Sipscene team was amazing, and I look forward to our future collaborations."

Jason Barnet, Beer Enthusiast, Founder of Opus Brewery

“SipScene offers a unique angle to socializing. I have been to several events (and hosted a few as well). What’s striking to me is the diversity of folks that the concept speaks to. The diverse mix of attendees from different backgrounds always leads to interesting conversation and a great time. Super positive vibes- super accepting and warm community- I can’t give these guys enough stars! If you’re on the fence about attending an event, take the leap and try it. I guarantee you will enjoy yourself!” 


Marloes Hakkers, Artist, Founder of CreART TLV

“My first meeting with SipScene was at the speed friending event. It was such a fun time I had and I met so many new people. We talked about maybe hosting an event myself. SipScene was super helpful and I had a blast hosting my event. I would totally recommend SipScene to anybody!” 



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