Don’t spill on the board games!


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Date: 22/08
Time: 20:30-23:00


Thrill, suspence, Danger AND MORE! All without breaking a sweat.

“What? In this hot Israeli summer? You must be joking” – You’re probably saying to yourself.

So no! We aren’t joking. And It’s all about Board Games! Modern, newly designed board games!

Did you know Monopoly came out in 1935?! #getwiththetimes

No need for long, drawn out games where one person might be winning and the rest are doing finger-gun motions to their temple! We will be playing short, rules light, very social interaction based games that will help you end the night with awesome new friends and grinning like a child.


**All drinks and games included in your ticket** Wine, Beer and Tanqueray Gin!


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